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Data & Research

Data and research are at the core of achieving our vision of a hunger-free Wisconsin. Not only do they help us understand the level and the state of need, but with best in class research and data, we will be able to articulate our progress toward achieving our mission. 

We already have the knowledge of what it takes to solve hunger. Our data and research  allows us to be better stewards of your philanthropic dollar by focusing our work in the areas of most need and with the the most efficient and effective programs.

We are working with our national and local anti-hunger partners and academic institutions throughout the state on research related to hunger and food insecurity and their solutions. With a more complete understanding of the problem, its scale and how Wisconsinites living with food insecurity, we can improve and efficiently target our programs, help policymakers create more effective policies, and tell the stories to inspire other partners and stakeholders in the fight against hunger.