Farmers Feeding Wisconsin

Wisconsin farmers are the heart of our state.

Our farmers work tirelessly every day and brave ever changing weather patterns and market whims to supply the people of our state and nation with the food it needs to thrive.

And in times when harvests are abundant, farmers want to be able to ensure that our friends and neighbors in tough times have the food they need to make it through.

To magnify the local impact of our state's agricultural community, we offer a number of agricultural programs that connect our farmers' hearts to the nearly 200,000 people in rural Wisconsin, and the 700,000 people throughout Wisconsin, at-risk of hunger. 

Product Transformation (Small Scale Processing)

We estimate that on an annual basis, there is around 150 million pounds of fresh, excess wholesome food that is left in the fields or unsold due to weather or its unmarketability (size, blemishes, etc.). With many Wisconsin families lacking access to affordable, nutritious food, we can’t afford to allow any food to go to waste. Yet, one of the biggest challenges to distributing fresh food is its variability and perishability.

In 2015, through a Walmart State Giving grant, we partnered with the Wisconsin Innovation Kitchen to pilot a product transformation project that turned 15 tons of locally grown apples into applesauce.

Field to Food Bank (Large Scale Processing)

Field to Foodbank is a nationally recognized program at Second Harvest Foodbank of Southern Wisconsin which aims to increase the “fresh-processed” vegetable distribution to those facing hunger. Local farmers agree to grow fresh product for a food bank. At harvest, it is processed at the peak of nutrition and freshness by local food processors, resulting in high-quality, shelf stable vegetables for Wisconsin families. 

This product is shared among the food banks in the Feeding Wisconsin network to distribute to food pantries across our state.

Share Fresh Wisconsin (Fresh Produce)

The Share Fresh Wisconsin Produce Program works with local farmers to collect and distribute excess and unmarketable produce from farmers to ensure that all Wisconsin families have access to the high-quality nutritious fruits and vegetables that you grow. 

Invest an Acre (Commodity Crops)

Commodity farmers can turn their Wisconsin grown corn and soybeans into meals by donating a bushel, acre or more of their crop revenue to fight hunger in their local communities. To learn more about how to get involved, please contact us.