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A Tale of Two Farm Bills

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Congress has two very different versions of the Farm Bill to conform in a conference committee. The Senate passed its version of the Farm Bill yesterday on a strong, bipartisan vote. This sets up a conference between the Senate and the House, which narrowly passed its version of the Farm Bill just last week, to hash out the differences between the two versions. Both chambers will have to pass the conformed Farm Bill coming out of conference before the President can sign it into law. Given the vast differences in SNAP policy between the two versions, this may be a difficult task.

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Are food restrictions the only way to improve health?

Last week at the Wisconsin Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics meeting, one of our partners - a retired doctor and a fierce advocate for food insecurity screening in primary care settings - and I got into a conversation about improving the health of people with low-incomes by restricting FoodShare benefits. In the lunch line, naturally...

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Proposed Restrictions in FoodShare

AB 177 intends to restrict what recipients on FoodShare can purchase with their benefits. While we certainly understand the desire to encourage more healthy eating, the real barrier to healthy eating isn't poor food choices, but rather the inability to make better choices due to the higher cost of healthy food.

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On the Road: Farm to Family Conference day 3

It was great to spend day three at the Community Food Bank of Fresno. When I was working for the Feeding America, visiting food banks across the nation was the favorite part of my job. There’s a saw in food banking that goes, “If you’ve seen one food bank, you’ve seen one food bank.” And while each food bank is certainly unique in its own way, there is a feeling, rhythm and smell (usually of bananas and other fruit) that is consistent throughout the nation and that somehow feels like home to me.

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On the Road: Farm to Family Conference

In 2014, we distributed nearly 7 million pounds of fresh produce but with 82% of our clients reporting that they purchase inexpensive, "unhealthy" food to stretch their food budgets, we need to increase our supply of fresh fruits and vegetables in order to achieve some balance in what we're offering the people visiting our programs. How will we do it? I got a chance to go out to Fresno to visit some national food bank leaders to figure out how and to share some of our promising practices.

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