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Earlier this week, the House budget committee released their plan for Fiscal Year 2018 spending and after a day of committee mark-up, passed the FY 18 budget resolution along party lines. The budget resolution included reconciliation instructions that would force $203 billion in cuts in mandatory programs, including instructions to the House Agriculture Committee to find at least $10 billion in cuts, likely to come from SNAP.

In addition, the resolution suggests other changes and cuts to SNAP that could result into another $150 billion in cuts over the next 10 years. Cuts to SNAP and other important programs included in this budget will make it harder for people to maintain the nutrition needed to find and keep good paying jobs and keep their families strong. 

In Wisconsin, SNAP is a critical tool to working families, helping them bridge the gap between food needs and available resources. SNAP helps nearly 700,000 of our friends and neighbors living in every corner of our state, from the Bayfield to Kenosha and from the Mississippi River to Green Bay, put nutritious food on the table.

We all have a role to play in fighting hunger, improving health and strengthening communities. SNAP, along with food banks, local soup kitchens, after school programs, and churches, strengthens communities and puts families on the pathway to success.

Like the President's FY 18 budget proposal, Feeding Wisconsin is opposed to this budget resolution as it would again break our nation's promise to provide a nutrition safety net to our friends and neighbors trying their best to live healthy lives.

This is a critical time to weigh in with your Members of Congress to build momentum against the House budget proposal. Please consider reaching out to your Member of Congress to tell them that you do not support this any budget that would increase the risk of hunger for Wisconsinites and that you want them to oppose it when it comes to the House floor for a vote.  

We are committed to working with our Members of Congress in the budget process and the upcoming farm bill to find sustainable solutions that fight hunger, improves health and strengthens communities.

We hope you will join us.  


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