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Many of you may remember that last year around this time, we posted this video from "Adam Ruins Everything" about food drives:

I wrote that while I had once agreed with the basic premise that giving money to food banks and pantries is way more efficient than giving food, I had changed my tune about this issue because donating to food drives is a productive inefficiency as it is a gateway to our issue and serves as sort of a basic training hunger fighters.

I'm given to think about this again because we are entering into the last quarter of the year - October to December - which is often referred to as, “the busy time” in food bank world, a time when we are often humbled by the generosity of our friends and neighbors in every corner of the state. 

The Season of Giving is upon us!

And it's an important time because our food banks are locally owned and supported by the communities in which they operate and they depend on the generous commitment of local donors for the majority of their operating funds throughout the year.

Donors come in all shapes and sizes. They can be local corporations and food manufacturers making large-scale food and fund donations; they could be farmers sharing their harvest with us to safely store and distribute to local food pantries; and of course, they are people like you writing checks and yes, dropping bags of groceries at the supermarket. 

And donations come in all forms as well. While food and funds are always welcome, volunteering your time, giving your voice as an advocate, or educating others in the fight against food insecurity are equally important. Our staff has been writing about these important ways to get involved in their blog series during Hunger Action Month. 

We value all of the ways you choose to donate and engage because we believe that by giving your time, treasure, and talent you have invested your most valuable asset - your trust - in us to continue leading the way forward toward our vision of a healthy and hunger-free Wisconsin. 

So as you begin planning for your year end giving, I hope you consider giving to our food bank that serves the community in which you live. And after you write your check - or drop off your groceries - ask the staff how you might be able to increase your engagement to help us achieve a healthy and hunger-free Wisconsin!

Donate to one of our participating food banks:

Donate to us by ordering the "Do Gooder Burger" at Milwaukee Burger Company in Kenosha, Franklin, Appleton, Eau Claire, and Wausau. For every Do Gooder Burger sold, MBC will donate $1 to Feeding Wisconsin. 


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